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Why Dessel

Dessel was developed to help men find support for their most personal assets. Delivering standardized saw palmetto plus pumpkin seed oil, lycopene and uva-ursi, Dessel helps for better men's care. These herbal ingredients have been carefully selected for their contributions to men's wellness and formulated with consideration to maximize the potential of each herb.

How does Dessel work?

The ingredients in Dessel work together in a synergistic manner to address two important issues. Supports the cells against excess estrogen levels. This is the prime function of the nettle extract which mitigates the activity of the aromatase enzyme needed to create estrogen. Excess estrogen in a male not only has a negative effect on you but also can be a factor in excess belly fat.

100% natural ingredients

Saw palmetto berry

This extract of the dwarf palm plant, is the most popular herbal preparation used to promote men's care — for good reason, as many studies have demonstrated its effectiveness and safety.

Pumpkin seed powder

Pumpkin seeds contain protective compounds called phytosterols, which help promote proper size and function. Additionally, pumpkin seeds offer excellent antioxidant protection for your wellbeing.

Pygeum africanum bark

This bark of the African plum tree has been used in healing for thousands of years to promote proper inflammatory response. Pygeum is another ‘heavy hitter’ when it comes to men's care.

Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle root supports normal gland size and health. Nettle root contains numerous biologically active chemicals that promote proper response. Studies suggest that stinging nettle promote proper flow.

Exercise regularly

It is also advisable to take action to reduce the level of toxins that you have accumulated throughout your body. The place to start this is through safe and proper colon cleansing. In addition, exercises, in particular yoga or similar exercises which involve the hip and sacral area of the body, will assist by increasing the circulation of blood and energy to the pelvic area.

Several studies have concluded that moderate or vigorous exercise is very helpful in reducing risks and symptoms. Not only does exercise reduce risk of issues, but also it provides benefits for men's care.

Exercise is so important that we recommend it to just about everyone, including those with man issues.

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  • Saw palmetto berry extract;
  • Pumpkin seed powder;
  • Pygeum africanum bark;
  • Stinging nettle;
  • Wild yam;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Bearberry extract;


Most effective when liberally applied to the affected, and importantly, the surrounding areas. Lightly rub in and reapply after 30 seconds. For optimum results, repeat 4 times daily for 3 to 5 days. When the discomfort has subsided, apply once each morning and evening for continued temporary relief.